The Principle Of Synderesis Dan Tomy Michael

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The Principle Of Synderesis In Interpreting Legislation karya Dosen Tomy Michael bekerjasama dengan Erwin Siregar, Ryan Gabriel Siregar, I Wayan Lastika Yasa dan I Made Wirangga Kusuma (Law Office Erwin Siregar & Associates) yang terbit di Jerman Juli 2021. In this study, the method of legal interpretation plays an important role in finding answers to
research questions. In the study of statutory regulations, understanding a statutory regulation requires a
separate understanding technique. Does the understanding technique itself use reading or interpreting
techniques, but all of which must produce the common good. This common good is often called the
bonum commune. In the study of legal philosophy, legal justice is the highest goal of law. In the concept
of the welfare state, bonum commune is an entity related to the teleology of the felling of being well.
Bonum commune doesn’t mean that we define a standard principle that must be enforced and apply to
everyone. Bonum commune is related to human awareness as part of a community that needs each other
and leads to a good state of society. The principle of synderesis when used to interpret the entire Regent
Decree Number 20 of 1997, the legal solution was found, namely Batu Tiga Village existed before the
Regent’s Decree Number 20 of 1997 because the statutory regulations that were ius constitutum
originated from the prevailing customs in the community.

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