Humanity In The Enforcement Of Anti-Corruption Laws Dan Tomy Michael

  Senin, 01 Februari 2021 - 09:22:53 WIB   -     Dibaca: 107 kali

Karya Tomy Michael berjudul Humanity In The Enforcement Of Anti-Corruption Laws telah melalui proses review dan terbit di Asia Pacific Fraud Jurnal  Volume 5, Nomor 2 (July-December) 2020 E-ISSN 2502-695X ISSN 2502-8731. The justice of the law in the context of the law always subjected to
refraction meaning. The justice of law can’t be interpreted as specific
but can be shown through deeds. The justice of the law which is
considered better by most people not necessarily also have the same
feeling with the justice of the law. There are various dimensions
to distinguish it. In the context of the state, the leader is the main
pedestal of enforcing the law on the laws and regulations in there.
When the leader of a country is it where it as full support to the state
institutions that overcome the problems of corruption, namely the
Corruption Eradication Commission and the whole thing can run
optimally. Advice taken, namely by forming laws and regulations
based on humanity with other humans, namely the variation of the
judgment. The judgment referred to is social work, exile to the island
of the smallest, lethal injection and impoverishment through from
the first of assets appropriately. Thus, humanity in enforcing anticorruption laws can be run better by paying attention to the humanity
of the injured party.

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